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Susan Mercer

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Family Travel, Adult Vacations, Travel with Friends

Destinations: Disney Destinations, Universal, Cruising, ALL Inclusives

Location: Chesapeake, VA


Phone: 757-287-8421

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My Story

I am a HUGE Disney fan and have been fortunate enough to travel to Disney World many times throughout the years. When my family talks about our favorite times they almost always involve Disney trips. We have robust discussions about which trip was the best, which memory was the funniest, trips when one of our children was sick or injured, and the amazing thing is that nearly every single memory includes a wonderful cast member sharing some magic. When I reflect on my experiences here are some key points I have discovered:
Good- going to Disney World as a kid with childlike wonder and as a teen/young adult for the thrill rides
Better- taking your own kids to Disney World as a parent and seeing the wonder through their eyes-especially when they meet the characters for the first time
Best-taking your grandchildren to Disney World and seeing the wonder through their eyes
Bonus-going on an all adult trip and having the freedom of a kid with some grown-up extras
If you are young or elderly or somewhere in between know that Disney offers a world of wonder just for you. The food is incredible, the attractions are amazing, good, wholesome fun abounds, and no matter how many times you visit, you will take away something new.
I’m so excited to have a part in helping others make wonderful memories. I’d love to help you plan a trip! My professional career of thirty-one years was teaching and making accommodations for my special education students. If you have a family member with any special needs whether they are physical, intellectual, emotional, or sensory, I’d love to share some ideas about how Disney can best accommodate your family. I can’t wait to help your travel dreams become reality. My goal is to bring the kind of happiness to you that we have experienced so many times ourselves.

I've traveled to Disney World several times during the pandemic, staying at Wilderness Lodge, the refurbished Saratoga Springs, and the newly renovated Polynesian Resort. 

Although Disney is a huge part of my travel experience I have also had the opportunity to both travel and plan cruises, vacations at all inclusive beach resorts, trips to Universal, trips abroad, and even exciting road trips! I'd love to help you plan your next vacation whether it's immediate family, multi-generational, couples, or just friends wanting to enjoy a great time together. It's my honor to serve you and I would love to help you plan your adventure!

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