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Nichole Proffitt

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney Destinations

Location: Kansas


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My Story

As a child I dreamed of going to Walt Disney World, but I grew up in central Kansas to a family that liked camping more than theme parks. My dream of visiting a Disney Park wouldn't come true until I was 24 years old and living out west. Visiting Disneyland brought back all the childhood wonder and magic that had been tucked away with age. That one trip was all it took to spark an obsession in me with Disney Parks. 

Since that trip I have visited Disneyland or Walt Disney World every other year as an adult. One great thing about being located in Kansas is that I'm almost equal distance to both locations. Thought I have visited the parks numerous times, I still feel there is so much left to be discovered on the next trip. I love visiting during different festivals and holidays because of he limited time treats, drinks and merchandise that are released. 

When I'm not visiting the parks, I spend my time researching and staying up-to-date on Disney Parks. Just like the detail and thought Disney puts into their parks, I put the same into the trips I'm planning. I would love to assist you on planning your dream Disney vacation too!

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