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Katelyn Moser

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney and Universal

Location: Pfafftown, NC


Phone: 413-441-7528

    My Story

    From a young age, Disney has always been my favorite place in the world. There is nothing like walking down Main Street and seeing Cinderella's Castle. It is a place where magic is real, and dreams really do come true. Fortunately, I have been traveling to Disney almost yearly for nearly 30 years, and the magic still feels just as real every time. Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my Disney experiences with my family, including my 3 children and husband, who have grown to love Disney as much as I do. As a Travel Advisor, I aim to help other families build unforgettable and magical Disney memories.

    In addition to Disney, I am a Harry Potter nerd, and absolutely love going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, where muggles are transformed into witches and wizards. I'll never forget getting my first ward, and watching my kids cast spells around the park. I aspire to help other families create the same thrilling experience.

    Magic Mouse Travel 
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