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Karen Harrison

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland Resort and Ireland

Location: Kansas City, MO


My Story

I was born in Ireland, and growing up our family never really left the island for our vacations. After all, Ireland is a pretty great place to live. Who needs to leave for your holidays when you have the beach, the mountains, forests and real life castles never more than a few hours way (I most definitely took all that for granted when I was a kid)!

However, I remember seeing specials on the TV about this amazing place called Disney World where all my favorite movies and fairytale castles came to life. In my mind, Disney World was the center of the US and everything else was just the stuff around it! I dreamed of going there someday.

After I moved to the US and met my husband, we started our own family. Most of our vacations involved visiting relatives so we never really had our own family vacation until one year we decided to take the kids to Disney World. Best trip ever! Our kids were young enough that everything seemed magical to them; they really were training to be Jedi fighting against Darth Vader. My daughters was getting hugs from real princesses. It was everything I imagined it was when I was a kid. 

Since then we've taken many trips back, including Disney World, Universal, Disneyland and an inaugural cruise of the Disney Wish. Now that our kids are older, we enjoy different aspects of the parks. We like giving our reviews of food at the festivals, trying more adventurous rides, or having a bounty-hunting competition in Galaxy's Edge. To me, it's my time to be "fun mom" - not homework mom, or bedtime mom, or clean-your-room mom. I get to be a kid again, and I love that my kids can see that side of me. We've also taken adult-only trips with friends to enjoy the Food and Wine festival.

When not thinking about our next trip to Disney, I'm planning our trips to Ireland to see my family and show my kids how magical my home country is. They've covered most of the east coast and our next adventures will be to show them the rocky coasts of the "Wild Atlantic Way."

Whether your style is fairytale castles or real castles, I'd love to help you plan the most magical vacation where you can be your most fun self!

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