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Biz Davidson

Travel Advisor

Specialty: Disney Destinations, Central Florida,              All-Inclusive

Location: Raymore, MO


Phone: 913-231-8077

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My Story

Take memories, leave footprints.

I have always had a love for travel since I was a child and we would take Family Vacations. Travel takes me out of my comfort zone and inspires me to see, taste and try new things.

I have studied at the Airline Academy in Ormond Beach, FL to further my knowledge in the travel industry and received certification during my extensive hands-on training. 

When I was finished with the Airline Academy I started my career at Wal-Mart where I was a co-manager for the company, I stayed with them for 15 years. When I left, I was able to take away from my position management and people skills, I was blessed to learn so much to better myself in my future endeavors, but my time spent doing something that wasn't my passion came to an end and I decided it was time to make my dreams come true. I was hired with Magic Mouse Travel as a Travel Advisor in 2018 and knew this is where I belonged. 

My passion for travel has taken me everywhere (literally). I have been able to travel the Caribbean, Mexico, on different cruise lines, throughout the United States, and spent (probably too much) time at Disney and Universal. 

From traveling with my daughter, my family, girls trips, couples trips and during Covid; I can help you get where you need to go with whoever you want to travel with. 

You might not be able to become a bird and fly to places - but you surely can fly across the world with our travel agency as your wings.  

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